Monday, March 6, 2017

Upcycled HOME

Here's a sign I recently created. 
Remember when these plastic home decor company letters were popular?  Well, not so much anymore because I found them at a garage sale for a buck.  I figured I could recycle them into something new so I took them outside and spray painted the letters completely black. 
 I painted white chalky paint on the front only of the letters.  I didn't mind if the paint edges were uneven and messy.  For interest I used a background stamp with black chalk paint and added the cool  screen design.  I softened the edges with more of the black paint.  I used a pine board as the sign base,  painting it with red chalk paint and distressing. 
I glued the letters to the board and added eye hooks for hanging.  
This is now a large piece of sign art that will add a pop of color to any style of decor!

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