Monday, April 10, 2017

Paint Review and Two Painted Tables

I recently purchased a new-to-me paint to try on my upcyled furniture-- Decoart Americana Satin Enamels.  I was intrigued by this paint because not only was it branded as for furniture, it also had some great features.  Like chalk paint, you do not need to sand or prime before using it.  And according to the directions, no need to varnish!  And being an enamel, I knew I'd get a nice shine too.  So I bought the basics--black and white--and decided what to use them on.
While this wouldn't be a great paint for shabby style furniture, I thought a perfect test run would be to paint this shaker table.  And I was very pleased with the results!
The black took two coats to cover the legs.  The shine was amazing and the finish was smooth.  I left the legs varnish free as suggested.  The white top took three coats of white.  The white seemed a bit thin but once I got to full coverage, I was pleased with the look.  I also used the black to hand letter the French design.  I didn't have to thin the paint with water to be able to do the lettering.  For added use protection, I did add several coats of varnish to the top.   
Another thing I wanted to see was how this paint would look with chalk paint.  I envision using it for shiny tops instead of gel stain.  On the table above, the bottom was painted in chalk paint and waxed, giving it a shabby matte finish.  The top, done in white enamel (again, it took three coats) has a beautiful glossy shine, without having to varnish!  
The verdict?  If you are looking for a paint that has built in shine and durability, I recommend Americana Satin Enamel.  I plan on purchasing a few more colors to use on my upcycled furniture.  Of course I'll share them with you when I do!

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