Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project: ROC LON Candle Wrap

Have you heard of ROC LON drapery liner? 
This is a fabulous material that you can paint, glue, stamp and sew on. 
I first used this in a painted project (from PATRICIA RAWLINSON)...a banner. 
It was wonderful to paint on and I could cut out the bottom
leaf detail with out having to worry about fraying.
Since the Roc Lon is very flexible when painted I thought it might be
 a great material to use for a jar candle wrap.  So I created this
(which I entered in a Vintage Image Crafts challenge last summer):
I've been wanting to do a Wrap for the 4th of July, so I put together
this quick and easy project for you!
Here's how to make one yourself:
1.  First of all you'll need a piece of Roc Lon.  You can get it in the drapery fabric area at JoAnn's or other stores that sell home dec fabric.  I actually found a big remnant piece.  There are different grades.  You can get away with using the cheapest (thinnest) Roc Lon.  You will need a piece to fit the size candle you want to wrap.  I used a 22 oz. Yankee Candle jar so I cut out a 3.5" x 12.5" piece of Roc Lon.  If your jar is a different size, simply measure around the jar for the length (ends should butt up, not overlap) and the width you prefer. 
2.  Choose a paint color to paint the Roc Lon.  You will notice that one side is smoother and the other has a more "canvas" look.  Paint on the "canvas" side.  I used Americana Uniform Blue.  Give the Roc Lon two coats and be sure to paint the edges.
3.  Next decide what images you'd like to put on the Wrap.  I chose various vintage 4th of July artwork.  Print the images on regular copy paper.  Set the images by giving the paper a good coat of Fixative.  Cut out the images and place on the Wrap until you find a college arrangement you like.
I also punched stars out of various colored card stock and added them here and there.  Be sure to check the artwork on the ends.  The two ends will be meeting and it's more pleasing to have the artwork blend.
4.  Apply Mod Podge with a foam brush to adhere each piece of art, then add another coat over the top. 
5.  Once all the image art has been applied, brush on 4 to 6 coats of Mod Podge and let dry completely.
6.  I decided to add rick rack to the top and bottom of this Wrap.  You could add ribbon, or lace or even use decorative scissors on the edges.  I attached the rick rack with hot glue.  I also decided to add some Stickles glitter on a few stars and the bottom rick rack.
7.  I marked 5/8" down from both top edges and 5/8" up from both bottom edges on the Wrap ends and used my Eyelet Punch Setter to put holes through the Roc Lon.  I then used red floss to tie the Wrap together.  You could use ribbon or cording or whatever you'd like to hold the two ends together.  I tied these so that I could take the Wrap on and off easily and have it store flat.
There you have it.  An easy project using the fabulous Roc Lon fabric. 
Make a different Wrap for every holiday!

I'm working on another 4th of July project for you using more Roc stock up!

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Anonymous said...

Great tutorial Cindy!
It turned out beautifully