Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sharing: Bulldog Art

I have an old friend who is an amazing artist.  She had been doing a series of pen & ink dog drawings for cards and had posted them on Facebook.  
I had jokingly asked her when she'd be doing bulldogs.
So today I got an email from Wendy and there he LOUIE! 

Wendy has a fine art giclee available in her ETSY SHOP. 
The drawing is also part of a set of English Bulldog notecards.  
She has lots of beautiful artwork (not just dogs) so please take a peek.

About ten years ago I did a watercolor picture of Louie. 
I never quite finished it.
Some day I will.


Anonymous said...

Your friend is very talented - what a wonderful surprise!!

Lois said...

I enjoyed seeing the portrait of Louie. I had just come home from an AKC all breed show, where I had gone bright and early this morning specifically to see the bulldogs. It was a treat to attend the show and then some home and see your friend's art work of Louie!