Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paint Dot Glasses

If you've ever wanted to "paint" glasses, this is the project for you!  I saw a project similar to this on Pinterest but the link was broken so I came up with my own method.  It's very simple and you need a minimum of supplies.  Customize the colors to match your decor or make up a batch for wedding or shower favors.

Supplies Needed:

  • Drinking Glasses--I got the glasses I used from the Dollar Tree.  They have many styles but I think that the smooth sides glasses work best.  Wine glasses would work great with this technique.
  • Glass Paint--I used Folk Art Enamels.  In the sample above I used just two colors, pink and white.
  • Dowel piece and skewer--make sure one edge is flat, sand if necessary.
  • Rubbing alcohol, paper towel, palette knife, paint palette (I like to reuse clean meat trays or styrofoam plates).
  1. Wipe your glass with a rubbing alcohol on the paper towel.  Do not touch the glass where you will be painting.  I found it easiest to put my non-painting hand into the glass to hold it.
  2. Squirt out two nickel sized dollops of pink (or whatever color you prefer) paint and one of white paint onto your pallet.
  3. Add one to two drops of white paint to one of the colored paint dollops and one or two drops of pink paint to the white dollop. Using the palette knife (or your skewer), mix these together.  You'll now have three separate paint dollops in varying shades of pink.
  4. Start with the dowel and the darkest pink shade and randomly dot on the paint until you get a pleasing pattern.  Do the same with the middle value of paint and then the lightest value.  Feel free to have your dots touch and don't put too many of the same value in the same spot.
  5. With the skewer, repeat step four.
  6. Let dry and cure as instructed on the paint bottle.
Some things to remember when doing this project:
  • If you are not happy with your design, until the paint is cured, you can easily wipe it off with rubbing alcohol.
  • I'm not sure about other glass paints, but with the Folk Art Enamel, you do not use any water with them.  That means if you must clean your dowel/skewer, simply wipe it off with the paper towel.
  • Be sure and follow the curing instructions exactly.  The last thing you want to happen is have all your hard work come off in the dish water!

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