Tuesday, April 15, 2014

LWD Tuesday Tool Review: Vintaj Metal Hole Punch 1.5mm

Today for my LWD Tuesday Tool Review, I'm featuring one of my favorite tools...this awesome hole punch from Vintaj.  You might think I use it only on jewelry as Vintaj is known for their lovely vintage style pieces.  Would it surprise you if I told you that I've only used it for jewelry once or twice?  That I use it mainly in my paper and multi-media crafting?  
Well, it's true!  I love the very small hole (1.5 mm) it creates and since it's made to punch holes in jewelry, it can handle every paper craft I throw at it just as well as the metal.  Here are some examples of the materials it goes through with ease:
I love working with Grungeboard but it can be a really bugger to punch through.  No ordinary paper punch will work...and who wants to haul out the drill press for one project?  Hanging holes were easily punched in the Grungeboard ornament base shown above.  The Vintaj hole punch also handles chipboard with ease.
Cardboard and Cardstock
No matter how many layers, the hole punch goes through!  I really like the size for creating hanging holes.
I've made lots of altered tin ornaments using the Vintaj hole punch to create hanging holes and holes to attach embellishments.  Using a drill press would have distorted the metal.  Another nice feature is the padded handles on the tool...there is no stress on my hands when punching these tins.  
Punching through thicker metal is also no problem.  I used the Vintaj punch on this metal coaster with ease.
So there you have it...another versatile tool for your craft room!  I hoped you enjoyed this Tool Review!  You can find the Vintaj Metal Hole Punch and much more for your crafting projects at 25% Off MSRP at Lone Wolf Designs, LLC.  All you have to do is join the LWD Discount Retail Sales Facebook group.  If you haven't joined us yet, you're paying too much for your craft supplies!

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DeAnna Goen said...

I *need* these in my craft room! I think it would make doing bottle cap charms a breeze! Thanks for showing how versatile this punch is.