Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last of the Digital Layouts

Forgot that I hadn't shared these!  If you feel so inclined, I hope you'll head over to FB and vote for one or all of my layouts.  If you don't remember which ones are mine, they are labeled with our names, just hover over.  Here is the LINK.  Click on "Vote For Entries" in the upper right.  Thanks!

I took the photo above on the lake I live on.  That bird, a crane I believe, makes the most horrible sounds!  
Me, my mom and sister getting goofy on vacation.  I did buy the black cat eye glasses and usually wear them for Halloween.
Another of my photos...a trillium in my flower bed.  Love those white and pretty.
My newest baby boy.  Picture taken on the day we brought him home, January of 2013.
Me, my mom, BFF, and sisters cropping for a cause and having a blast!
Anniversary of the only times I can get hubby out of his jeans and Carhart shorts!
Great holiday weekend with my sisters, BIL, niece and nephews sledding on the hill by my house.

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