Monday, June 23, 2014

Star Spangled Tumblers

The final Creative Cutting Challenge until fall is up for the next two weeks and the theme is: 4th of July/Patriotic.  For my DT submission, I created these star spangled tumblers.  I was lucky enough to score two clear tumblers with straws from Dollar Tree.  For some reason these are hard to come by at my local store.  (I could order a case of 12 but as the surfaces closet is already overflowing, I haven't done it yet.)

The first thing I did was wipe down the outside with rubbing alcohol and was careful not to handle the outside.  This way any oils from my fingers did not stop the vinyl from adhering properly.  To hold the cups, just put your hand inside while working.

I cut various sizes (some with two layers) of red, white and blue vinyl (Oracle 651) using the star file from my Patriotic Set.  It does take a little caution when layering this vinyl as it's almost impossible to lift back up if you don't get it in the right spot.  With this project, it wasn't crucial to have it exact so it would be great for beginner vinyl users.  I applied the stars randomly, being careful to not get too many of the same color in any one spot.  I used a bone folder to rub out any little wrinkles.

This set was a prize at a recent baby shower I co-hosted.  The baby is due July 3rd so it was a practical yet appropriate gift!  Because these cups are so inexpensive, you could make up a bunch if you are hosting a party or BBQ.  Create them to match any party'll definitely wow your guests and they can take them home as a favor!

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Tina Campbell said...

These are so cool and would be perfect for the outdoor parties this holiday. I really got to give this vinyl a go I can see fun Christmas gifts this way :)