Monday, October 27, 2014

More Ice Resin Jewelry

 Today I'm going to show you two different ways I've used Ice Resin to create jewelry.  The pendent above was made using a resin mold.  I poured a layer of resin and let it harden.  I took a vintage photo and printed it on a transparency sheet.  I cut out the picture, sealed it between packing tape and placed it into the mold.  I then poured another layer of resin.  To finish the pendant, I drilled a hanging hole and added aluminum tape to the back side.  This technique gives the old Effiel Tower photo a cool vintage look.
I did the same thing with this mermaid pendant.  Before the second pour, I added the blue pearls to look like water bubbles at the bottom of the pendant.
You can purchase this piece at my ETSY STORE
You can purchase this piece at my ETSY STORE
I also used Ice Resin to finish these two domino pendants.  In the past I've used Glossy Accents to finish them.  I'm happy to say that the Ice Resin is just as easy to pour on them and I really love the smooth, even surface that the Ice Resin creates.

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