Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vinyl Christmas Ornaments

I've heard that this saying is very popular at craft shows so I figured that I should make a bunch of ornaments to take to the ones I'm doing.  I created my type design and had so much trouble weeding the small letters and applying them to the curved shape that these are the only two I made--I love them, but they were a real pain to create!
On the plus side, now that I have my design, I've applied them to ceramic tiles and they weed/apply much easier!

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Karen Conner said...

I love your ornaments!
Suggestion: Have you heard of a product called Craft Attitude? I just discovered it myself. It's a film that you print on and then can glue onto any surface. I think it would work great on your ornaments.

Not sure where it's sold-I was given some by a design team. But I'm sure if you google it-you'll find it.