Monday, April 13, 2015

More Polymer Pendants

Had time to photograph some more of my clay and resin pendants so I thought I'd share.  These are great fun to make and as I have an order in for more supplies, I'm sure I'll be doing another batch soon.  One thing I've found I like using is book pages and words cut from them.  I've also discovered that I need to color those pages to make them look the best.  Above is the "Courage" pendant which you can purchase HERE.
Another fun thing to add are rhinestones.  They give a nice sparkle to the piece.  I also discovered that due to the thickness of my pieces (about .25"), a regular jump ring is difficult to add.  So I've been making my own wrapped wire bales.  You can purchase this piece HERE
This piece is very "blingy"!  I added glitter to the background and a sparkly gem from a recycled pin.  The little charm hangs from the top bale.  This piece was donated to a fundraiser....I hope they got a nice price for it!

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