Monday, March 28, 2011

Pet Week! SVG File: Dog House

"Pets Are Not Our Whole Life, But They Make Our Lives Whole"
I've always loved that saying because to me, my life has a "hole" in it if I don't have a dog sharing it.  I know many of you feel the same way so I wanted to take a week and celebrate the wonderful pets in our lives.
I chose this week because on Wednesday my beloved Louie (shown above to the right) will be 12 years old.  For a bulldog, reaching that advanced age is something to celebrate!  Both my dogs are elderly...Millie (shown above to the left) has long lost her face spot...but God willing they'll be with me for a little while yet.

The very first scrapbooks I ever did were for Louie and Millie.  I bought three similar scrapbooks (one is for my first bulldog--Mack) and using metal letters, glued their names to the front.  I recently completed Mack's book.  Here is a page from it....
It's a simple layout but I like the red and the black.  I made the doghouse from an SVG file that you can now purchase as part of a "Dog Elements" set HERE.  I cut the letters to his name from white cardstock and glued to the doghouse.

Do you have a scrapbook layout of YOUR pet?  We want to see it!  
Do you have a funny or heart touching story about your pet?  We want to read it!
Please go to this POST for all the details and a chance to win a couple of prizes.


ShersL84bed said...

Oh, I love this idea of pet week Cindy. Great svg files. I'll add a few pet svg files this week also. Fun fun fun idea. Thanks for the free svg file.


elaine said...

Thank you so much for the cute doghouse svg. Your pups are wonderful and I like your LO. Great work.

Jun Bug House said...

Adorable dogs!!!
So cute.
I am still scraping my grand daughters.
When I get caught up with that, I will tackle my pip.
Thanks for the dog house, I can use that for the hubby dude!!!

westloopsters said...

nice layout great file..I don't know who uses the doghouse more my dog Buster or the them both though..

Anita H. said...

I love the idea of "Pet of the Week". I have a hotfoilstamping machine that imprints words and images on to the fronts and sides and I make custom albums from digital photos. I know folks love their pets, (including me as I have a mini dachshund named "Minnie"). One of my favorite albums that I imprint is my "Dog or Cat Tales" albums for pet scrapbookers. You blog idea is CUTE! I look forward to seeing what you have in store all week. I'm new to the website & blogging world but I too have a blog if you want to follow. I'll warn you now, I'm a real NEWBIE at the blogging world and there's not much there. YET! My website is Have a great week!

Cindy said...

I love my pets. We have three dogs Chevy our oldest is a German Shepherd/Wolf mix; Dixie is next and she is my boxer; and Jax is my chihuaha!! We also have two cats Rin and Buddy!! A quick story about Dixie - I told my husband I wanted a boxer (I have never paid for a dog before) and he said that was rediculous! So I said tough and bought her anyway! HE my DH fell in love with her and HE started letting her sleep in bed with us!! Hmmm I thought she was my dog!! ROFL Thanks for doing this Pets are important too!!!

michele hileman said...

Your layout is awesome. Im gonna have to get mine done. Thank youf for sharing

scrapy1 said...

After we lost our last dog (my daughter's first dog), she was totally heartbroken for a long time & had just started to want another dog after over 3 years. This was last year. She specifically wanted a Beagle. We couldn't afford a purebread & I told her I would see what I could do.
On the way home from work on a horrible rainy day, I stopped to get gas for my van. When I pulled out there was a sign with pictures of Beagles on the telephone pole "Free Beagle Puppies". I wrote the phone number before the light changed & dialed it on the way home, only to have the wrong #.
So, I went back to the gas station, had to get out of my car in the driving rain to see the correct #; called the lady. We went to see our pooch that night & I picked her up at the end of the week. She was a rescue. The woman's very elderly parents had got the dogs over a year earlier & couldn't take care of them. They were going to be put down. My dog's brother also was adopted by someone else. She is a purebread & a sweetheart & we got her for free!
I went to school to pick my daughter up that day with our new dog & all the kids in the school went nuts over our pooch. She is so loved, especially by my daugher who adores her. She has a very happy home now.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [29 Mar 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Toby said...

I love your dogs ... I have a 4 yr old Olde Victorian Bulldog named Keeva who has had two ACL and two knee surgeries, her last one was in January .. I have no idea what svg files are though!


Jeanette said...

Wonderful idea Cindy. Millie and Louie make a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea with us.

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing your doghouse svg! Great posting theme!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Cat(s)/Dog(s)/Bear/Bird/Butterfly/Any other Animal Theme post on Mar. 30, 2011. Thanks again.

Norma said...

Thank you for the animal files. I have 3 dogs, miniature beagle, american eskimo and a shih Tzu and 2 kitties. Need to get to more of their pictures so your files will definately help motivate me.