Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Painting Home Decor

Throughout the years I've painted lots of home dec items.  It's the perfect way to get exactly what you want in in the colors that match your home.  The piece above at one time hung in my kitchen.  I painted it during a class at a painting convention.  I really like it and when my decor changed, I tucked it away.  It now hangs above the sink in my studio.
You can paint fabric to make pillows, towels and tablecloths.  I've found prints I liked but hated the frame.  Solution?  Paint the frame.  I took a cheap looking mirror and painted it to match my guest room furniture.  Looks like a pricey custom piece now!  Here are some other ideas:
Need a lamp to match your decor or want to decorate with something seasonal?  Create a lamp using a large pickle jar!  This jar was primed with black spray paint then painted with acrylics.  A simple lamp kit was added to the jar lid...easy enough that I could do it myself.   
I painted lamps for my master bedroom when we first built the house (weekend use) and still have them now that we live here full time.   One is shown above...they match the dressers I painted and I love them.  And no one has a clue that they're pickle jars!
I painted this piece on a round glass vase I found at the thrift store using regular acrylic paint.  I used a sealer on the glass and then painted as usual and varnished.  I was able to use regular paint because this piece will not be washed or around food as dishes are.  I also painted a wall hanging to match the vase.
Here's more glass painting--acrylic on an old window.  I painted this on the front of the window but I've seen other pieces done on the back.  You just have to reverse the order of the placement of paint.  I need to paint more windows as I have a stash of these in my studio and more wrapped in a tarp outside!  I've also painted lots of items for outdoors...
These are upcycled knives that are now plant markers.  Tip:  Be sure to use an outdoor varnish on any pieces that will be used out doors.  And reapply the varnish each year to keep your project looking like new.
Broken shovel?  Don't throw it away!  Upcycle it into a garden ornament!  Tip:  It's crucial to use a metal primer to seal any piece you'll spend time and effort on painting.  You do not want rust to come through your beautiful painting.  I've also painted slates for the garden, rocks that look like animals and flower pots.  Even the mailbox!
I hope you've enjoyed these few days celebrating International Decorative Painting Month.  I encourage you to check out all the wonderful painting tutorials that are now available, pick up a brush and get painting!


Paper Squirrel said...

Gorgeous work! It's been amazing to see how versatile your painting talent really is!

Nina Athena said...

Thank you for sharing such valuable information and knowledge. It is very useful and informative. It would be great to see more updates from you soon.

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