Thursday, December 6, 2012

Remembrance Card

I recently sent out "Remembrance/Thank You" cards after the passing of my bulldog Millie.  For these cards I used PhotoShop to create the 3" x 3" photo to which I added her name.  I made a sheet of six, printed them out myself on photo paper and cropped with a wide white border.  I stamped the dog bone border on a pink card stock base, layered a strip of pink dog DP on the edge and then added a stamped paw that I circled punched and raised with foam tape.
I wanted to use pink on these cards since Millie was always the "girly-est" bulldog I had ever known.  The picture I used was taken when she was in her prime--at about 4 or 5--when her face spot was still brown.  I wanted everyone to remember her at her beautiful best!
Inside I put a lovely saying that I recently found and had made into a COLLAGE.  I've made these type of thank you cards for all three of my dogs that have gone to Rainbow Bridge.  I think it's a nice way for their "family" to remember them and it allows me to offer thanks for sympathy cards and flowers.  I also send the cards to their vet and the cremation center, thanking them for their care and compassion.


Paper Squirrel said...

She was such a beautiful girl. A great way to honor and remember her. :-)

Jeanette said...

My heart is with you on your loss of Millie. I recently lost my Shih Tsu Dahli...everyone at the animal hospital was so kind there at the end and this is such a nice idea to let them know how much I appreciate their kindness. Thank you for this idea.

scrapn said...

Our pets are family too & it really hurts when we loose our beloved friends. When I lost my Cockapoo Mandy I was too heartbroken for over 2 years to even think about getting another animal.
Take care Cindy. Time will help lessen the hurt you feel now.