Monday, January 19, 2015

Domino Pendant Jewelry

If you follow my blog you know I love to create with dominoes.  These are my newest pendants.  The piece above has a cool Steampunk look. I liked it so much, I kept it for myself! 
You can purchase this pendant at my ETSY SHOP
I used Ice Resin as the top finish on both of these pendants and I love how smooth they came out.  Wonderful finish that I will be using from now on to finish my dominoes.  


Marina said...

These are really beautiful.

Krista's Paper Cafe said...

These are lovely.
Did you use wood or resin dominoes? How did you get the little screws in to the domino?
I have a box of dominoes that I bought to make a mini domino book. Have you tired that Cindy? It was too putsy for me. I will put some photos on my business page.