Monday, March 30, 2015

Project: Painted Glass Vase

Create this quick and easy painted vase to decorate your Easter table!  And as it's not Easter specific, you can keep it out all season long, adding spring color to your home.  Even if you don't consider yourself  "a painter", you can do this project!  I found a picture of this project on the DecoArt Pinterest site but there was no link to the instructions so I've come up with my own.

  • Glass vase (you can find similar vase at Dollar Tree. Use a vase with straight sides)
  • Glass paint (I used Folk Art Enamels in blue, pink, yellow, white, purple, green)
  • Wine cork
  • Small dowel or skewer
  • Liner paintbrush
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paint palette or styrofoam plate
  • Paper towels
1.  Wipe vase with alcohol using a paper towel.  After it is wiped, do not touch the glass.  To hold the vase, put your hand inside.
2.  Pour out quarter sized puddles of paint onto your palette.  To make flowers, dip the cork into a color you want to use for a flower and gently press it to the vase.   Using the same color, make a few other flowers until you are satisfied and then wipe the paint from the cork with a paper towel.  Do the same with all the colors you wish to use for flowers, making some tall and some short.  Try not to place two colors side by side. If your flowers are not dark enough, go back over them with another coat.
3.  Using the dowel, dip it into white (or any color you choose) paint and add the flower centers.  

4.  Using the liner brush, dip into green paint and make the stems.  I find it easier to start at the bottom of the  flower and pull the brush down to the bottom of the vase.  You can add a darker green paint to the side of the stem for dimension.  Using the same brush, paint in the leaves in an oval shape..some large, some small.
5.  Let the paint cure according to brand directions.

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