Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Plethora of Pendants!

The last of the batch of polymer clay and resin pendants I created.  The one shown above is quite large.  The square was cut from the circle and the design, wording and rhinestones are encased in resin.
A couple of flower pendants.  One with a gem center and the other with a patterned paper center, domed resin and a gem.  The piece on the right had the jump ring embedded in the clay prior to baking. 
I added this pendant and matching beads to a gold chain.
Green and gold pendant with a resin encased book page and heart. 
I added lots of sparkle to this piece--glitter in the clay and a large gem in the center.
Most of these pieces were donated to my recent Relay For Life fundraiser.  A few will be for sale at this weekend's craft show.  Then it's back to the pasta maker to crank out some more clay.  Who knows what will be created next?!

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