Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vinyled Tiles

Lots of people are making similar saying tiles.  These are ones I created myself.  I put them on various colored and sized tiles trying to choose my favorites.  The ones that sell the best are the style featured on top.  These are on smaller (6" x 6") tiles.  You can purchase one HERE.
The tile above was done on a larger 7.75" x 7.75" smooth granite looking tile.  These are strictly for craft shows as they are quite heavy to ship.  I do like how nice these matte tiles look and accept the vinyl.
Here's another style on a smooth and glossy gray tile.  Again, very popular items.
Also popular are tiles with a family theme.  Here are two popular styles.
You can buy it HERE
The design shown above was combined from files I had on hand, I did not create these myself.
You can buy it HERE
Another combined designs file.
You can purchase the tile HERE.
Custom tiles are extremely popular too.  Especially these split letter versions.
You can get one HERE
The two designs shown above came My Vinyl Designer.

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