Friday, January 1, 2016

Card Pack Hack

I found this "Good Luck" pack from Anna Griffin in the JoAnn clearance section a few months ago for $1.97.  Pack comes with 4 folded cards, 4 sentiment collages and 4 envelopes.  I thought, "Hey!  I can do something with that" so I picked it up.  Today's post shows you the quick card hack I did to create a male birthday card from these elements.
First I chose this card.  Not keen on the big red ampersand so I cut, embossed and pasted a piece of kraft card stock over that.
Ah, much nicer!  I also added a piece of washi tape at the bottom of the kraft piece.
Next I chose one of the collages.  Pretty nice as it's already arranged for you and even includes a ribbon!  But I needed a birthday card, not a Good Luck card.  So I used a craft knife and cut around the sentiment frame.  Then I stamped my birthday sentiment on a piece of scrap card stock and taped it to the back of the collage.  I added the redone collage to the card and I was done!
Ta-da!  Quick and easy and at a cost of just fifty cents, one heck of a great deal!
One other cool thing was that each card came with this imprinted on the back:
The envelopes are also printed with a red stripe on the inside, giving it a really nice touch.
Next time you see one of these card sets, especially on sale, grab it.  Remember that you can always "Hack the Pack" and get a big bang for your buck!

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