Monday, January 4, 2016

Hand Painted Cocoa Mugs

The first chore of the new year is sorting through pictures on my old computer and getting ready to move everything over to a new computer.  So this week will be a "Look Back" at some of the projects I painted "Pre-Blog".  Oldies but definitely goodies!
Six years ago, I painted two different sets of super cute little glass mugs and turned them into "Cocoa Kit" sets for a charity auction.  You can get similar mugs from the Dollar Tree, so I thought it would be fun to feature these today in case you'd like to paint some for yourself.
The first thing I did was paint the background black.  This took multiple coats.  I used Folk Art Enamels Black glass paint that I sponged on all around the mugs (not the handle).  I used painters tape to mask off the tops where lips would be touching the glass.  Be sure each coat is thoroughly dry before adding the next coat.  Once dry, I painted on two styles of snowman.  The top picture is a design by Barb Jones.  Sorry, I don't remember whose design this one is.... 
On the sides of the mug opposite of the snowman, I painted two different sentiments.   
 This is the one that went with the snowman head.
This is the one that went with the snowman holding the heart.
You can see that I added dip dots and  snowflakes all around the mug.
Then I took four mugs of each style, filled each with little packs of mini marshmallows and packaged them with cocoa packets inside of a basket 
and also on a metal tray.  Some of my first electronic cutting work is shown here in the attached tags!  I remember that these mug sets were very popular at the auction!  I may have to paint more of these up.

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