Monday, February 22, 2016

Bulldog Themed Vintage Style Necklaces

Today I'm showing more of my recently completed necklaces. And these two feature my favorite subject--BULLDOGS!  If you watched the Westminster Dog Show last week, you'll have noticed that a bulldog, Annabelle, won the Non-Sporting class.  While she didn't go on to take Best of Show, we were still super excited to see her group win.  
And as a long time (27 years) bullie momma, I'm also thrilled when I find something bulldog themed.  So it didn't take much thought for me to create these resin necklaces using some of the vintage photos I have stashed away on my computer.

How sweet is this vintage photo replica of a little girl cuddling with her white bulldog?  The dog reminds me of my bulldog Louie, who was all white with freckles on his ears.
Louie was a very handsome boy who lived for over 12 years...quite a feat for a bulldog.  
(The Bulldog Love pendant is available at my Etsy Shop)
This awesome vintage photo replica is of a sailor bulldog leaning out of a porthole.  He reminds me of my only female bulldog, Millie.  She had one brown eye patch too and the same attitude that this dog seems to have. (The Bulldog Strong pendant is available at my Etsy Shop)
Millie was our rescue and unfortunately had a lot of stomach/gas issues!  But we worked hard on her health and she also lived a relatively long life of almost 11 years.
Not leave out my very first bulldog, Mack.
I learned so much about the breed from this boy.  I fell in love with their unique personalities and loving dispositions.  I'll never have another breed of dog.  Which leads me to my current bullie boy, Gus.
He is the most spoiled of all the dogs (so far).  He absolutely MUST be with us constantly...being held is is favorite thing.  While it's not easy to have a 52 lb. lapdog, I wouldn't have it any other way!

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