Friday, February 19, 2016

Painting A Mural--Large Wall Finished

A few weeks ago I posted about painting my largest commission ever...a mural and vignettes for one of the rooms of my church's new nursery.  The theme is "Ocean" so after sketching out ideas, I started by painting three different shades of blue on the rooms largest wall (over 39 feet long and 8.5' high). After chalking on the characters, I started painting them! All the painting is now finished on that wall.  There is almost 40 hours of work in this mural.  The picture above shows the farthest to the right and the picture below shows the rest of the wall.  There is about 5 feet between the crab and the octopus.  There will be a line strung from the claw and the tentacle (as if they are holding it).  The children will be able to hang their drawings on the line with clothespins.
Scroll down for individual character pictures.

Angel fish base coated above and finished below.

Crab with base coat and some shading and highlighting shown above. Crab finished below.

Jelly fish with first layer (white) shown above.  I was going for a translucent effect.
I added one coat of pink paint and then highlighted it here and there with pearlized white paint and shaded with pearlized pink paint.
Here is the jelly fish finished.  In the photo below, you can see the shine of some of the pearl paint.

Octopus with base coat and shading above and finished below.

Sea horses without final details shown above and with seaweed below.

Shark based coated above and finished below.

Turtle started above and finished below.

Final details shown above and below.  I kept the painting on the bottom portion to a minimum as the children's play items and chairs are against the wall in places.
I've now started the four vignettes in the room.  Details to come!

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