Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ice Resin Heart Jewelry

Just in time for Valentine's Day!  
A pair of heart pendants I created using my favorite resin, Ice Resin.
It took two tries for me to get this heart just right.  Using a mold, I filled it with red micro beads and it took two pours to get the heart level.  It was a bit tricky to get the hole drilled just right.  Due to the thickness of the heart, I had to hand make the bale.  I had this metal pair of wings and they fit perfectly on the back of this heart. Need to find more of these for sure!
If you'd like this for yourself, you can purchase it HERE
I've been working on this piece since summer!  Was just waiting to add the final pour.  I used a piece of  a book page and cut it to fit.  I distressed the edges (and around the added elements) and used more of a book page to create the sentiment.  I stamped the circle elements and added beads.  Finally, I laid a little metal key in just the right spot.  If you like it, you can purchase it HERE.
I'll be featuring more Ice Resin pieces over the next week so if you love creating with IR, stop back for more inspiration!

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