Friday, February 12, 2016

Inspirational Ice Resin Jewelry

Showing off more of the Ice Resin jewelry I recently created.  IR really is so simple to use and gives you amazing results.  One thing to keep in mind when pouring in the winter...make sure that your work room is warm!  IR will not set up properly if it's too cold.  My studio is in the basement and if I'm going to pour that day, I turn on my little electric heater for about an hour.  Then when I'm all done for the day, I'll shut the heater off and close the studio door to keep the extra heat in.  This works well for me here in northern Michigan!  Here's a closer look at today's two pieces. 
This is a thin Vintaj pendant and a Vintaj bee charm (I removed the bale).  I used a scrap piece of scrapbook paper.  It's hard to see in the photo but I stamped on a honey comb design very lightly all over.  Then I stamped the "kind" wording right on the paper using Archival Ink.  The "be" was stamped on a separate piece of paper and added to the background.  The bee's wings come out of the resin, giving the pendant a dimensional look.
If you like this necklace, you can purchase it HERE
This collage piece was made using an oval mold.  I layered scrapbook paper, lace, a metal key and a book page sentiment to create it.  It took several pours to add all the elements but it really has a nice layered look so it was worth it.  I wish I would have distressed the "Hope" before I added it.  Oh well, it's still a great piece and it's available HERE.

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