Friday, February 5, 2016

Painting A Mural--Work In Progress #1

So far 2016 has been very busy.  I spent about a month organizing files on my old computer, transferring and organizing the same files on the new computer and doing all the book work for my little art business.  In between that, I started my largest commission ever...a mural and vignettes for one of the rooms of my church's new nursery.  
The theme was "Ocean" so after sketching out ideas, I started by painting three different shades of blue on this very large wall (over 39 feet long and 8.5' high).  Next I chalked on the characters and started painting them! 
Here is Mr. Crab with most of his shading and some highlights.
Here he is all done...well, maybe.  I think I need to add a highlight to his mouth.
Here is Mr. Octopus with his shading.  I'll post a completed picture in a future post. 
Here is Miss Jellyfish.  I'm not quite sure how I want to paint this...I want a translucent effect.  I added a coat of pink.  I think that I will try the technique I'm thinking of on the tendrils and if it works, I'll do the rest of her like that.  If not, I'll add another coat of pink.  Stay tuned! 

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