Friday, April 1, 2016

Summertime Painted Chair

Nothing beats the end of winter blues like painting summer themed items!  I started working on this chair in early March...the perfect time to think about warmer weather. 
I've had this old folding chair in the stash for a few years and as I'm doing several spring/summer shows this year, thought I'd paint it with a summer design.  These designs are from Susie Saunders.  I mixed and matched them to suit my taste and came up with what you see here. 
This sweet little chair looks as cute folded as unfolded!  
Wouldn't it look lovely on a front porch with baskets of geraniums around it?
First thing I did was sand and seal on all the areas I would be painting.  
I liked the worn and vintage look of the rest of the chair and left those parts as is. 
The top features this bright sun peeking out. 
The seat is the watermelon sailboat complete with a "Summertime" banner. 
To balance the blue at the top, I painted this little section with free hand stars.
Once all the painting was done, each area got three coats of poly acrylic varnish.

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