Monday, April 4, 2016

A Whole Lot of Sunshine

It may be April and I may be looking out the window at SNOW (ugh) but I've been painting sunshine in my studio using an SVG file from My Vinyl Designer!  Today I'll show you a few of the vinyl stenciling and hand painting techniques I use.  
First, I used this file two ways and as I am very thrifty, I use both the positive and negative pieces.  By using the positive pieces I was able to hand paint the sun in the corner of the sign shown above and have it appear "behind" the letters. 
On this sign, I used the negative piece on a multi-colored background. 
I used three shades of yellow on the background.
For these signs, I used only two lines of the SVG file.  The top sign was done with the negative and I used two colors for the lettering.  I hand painted shadow lines on the large letters.  The bottom sign features hand painted highlights on the letters.

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Ruth G said...

Cindy, these signs are fabulous! I think my favorite is the first one, but I think the yellow one is gorgeous, too. I love how you added details to the letters on the last two, also.

Thanks so much for sharing! You're an inspiration!