Thursday, August 4, 2016

Patriotic Pieces

I realize it's August 4th, not July 4th.  However since a lot of people have patriotic items out all the time, I thought I'd be okay posting these a month late!  Featured above and below is a cheese box painted with a flag motif.  Not my idea, I saw something similar on Pinterest.
What was my idea was painting the Pledge of Allegiance around the bottom rim of the box.
This box was donated to a local auction to benefit Special Olympics.
I made these wooden signs using a file from Miss Kate Cuttables.  While I shop there for SVG files (for my electronic cutter), she now gives you JPEG and PNG files too.  So if you are a decorative painter, you can use those files to create your own pattern to paint.  Check out her site, there are so many files a painter could use! 

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