Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Poppies on Glass

A friend gave me a barn wood framed print of a windmill recently.  She knew I'd like the frame and upcycle it.  So I dismantled the picture, threw away the cheap print and set aside the glass, figuring I paint something on canvas and use the frame with it.  But I kept looking at the glass, which was non-glare.  I wondered how chalk paint would cover that surface, which is not as slick as regular glass.   
So that's what I did.  I painted the background for this piece using blue and beige chalk paint (Americana Decor) and then used my acrylics over it for the details.  The chalk paint worked wonderfully and it made a very durable base over the glass. 
The poppies design was inspired by Sharon Cook's piece in the August issue of Painting World, which is a fantastic new magazine for all you painters out there. 
This piece sold at last weekend's event but I'm sure I"ll be upcycling more old framed pictures using chalk paints!

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