Monday, November 7, 2016

Easy Angel Ornament--Free Pattern

I don't want to alarm you, but Christmas is just six short weeks away!
So from now until December 24th, I'm going to be featuring ornaments, projects and gifts to help you get ready.  
First up is this darling peace angel ornament.  Designed by Deb Antonick, you can get the painting pattern for free HERE.  It's easy enough for beginners too.
I painted my version of one of the angels on a paper mache heart.  I bought several of these last year when they were on Valentine's clearance.  The wings were created with book pages and I added a layer of Diamond Dust to them for sparkle.
Here is the lettering I used.  Just print it out at a size to fit your ornament.
Put it on tracing paper and add to the back of your ornament.  
Then paint it on with a brush or, if your hand is not steady, use a paint pen.
You could also print it out with a laser printer and use a transfer method.

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