Monday, January 23, 2017

HELP! I'm Behind in my Scrapping!

I feel like I'm losing the scrapbooking race.  I'm a few years behind.  But after talking to many of my crafty friends, I find that I'm not alone!  So while I may be a bit behind, I have a few tips to keeping up with what can be an overwhelming task....scrapbooking your memories!
1.  Organize your photos
A little bit of housekeeping every few months means half the job of scrapping is done.  Get your photos off of your phone or camera memory card and put them on your computer.  Mine are in folders for each year, then separated into folders by event, ie:  Mother's Day, Christmas etc.  Then when I'm ready to actually scrap them, I can easily find the important events.  Plus when they're on the computer, the date they were taken is also easy to see by hovering over the picture with my mouse. 
2.  Keep a Journal
Details on events like the ones shown in these scrap pages are easy to remember (even a few years later).  But if the event spans a few days, take some time to write down a few basic (or more if you have time) details of what's happening.  It will make getting those memories on the page--and the journaling-- a breeze. 
3.  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Do you feel like you don't have the perfect paper or embellishments to put together that special layout?  Do it anyway!  Your photos and the memories of them are the most important feature of your scrapbook.  Sure those fancy things add some pizzazz, but in the whole scheme of things, a basic finished page is so much more appealing than pictures still in a box or on your computer! 
 4.  Scrap With Friends
Sharing memories and getting helpful advice on layouts are just two of the perks of scrapping with your friends.  Don't have friends who scrap?  Go to a crop!  You'll soon have plenty of new friends.  Plus when you're with a group of dedicated scrappers, you can try out all of their tools!

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