Monday, May 1, 2017

Let's Get Organized--Part 1

It's been a while since I did a post on how I organize my studio.  I've found that when things are organized correctly--like things together--I have a much more productive day.  I get very frustrated when I can't find a tool or supply and hate to waste time looking for it.  So after every project, I put everything away and start each new project fresh.  It works for me and I love having a neat studio!
So if you're looking for tips on how to organize your supplies, here are some of my tips and tricks.  
Paint Storage
For my acrylic paints, I have have this lovely lazy susan style holder (above).  Yup, all four sides totally full!  I organize alphabetically by brand.  Each bottle has the color name written on the top.  I also have a cupboard where I have extra paint colors.  Also labeled and stored alphabetically in short cardboard boxes.  In that same cupboard I have my water color, fabric and oil paints as well as brushes used for those particular mediums.  There are also spray paints and sealers plus a few flat canvases. 
Since I am currently painting lots of furniture, my chalk paint is out on my main painting table.  The open jars are on the yellow lazy susan, while extras are stored in the box.  You'll see that some other paints are there as well.  Between the lazy susan, cardboard box and plastic tote, I have all the paints corraled and tidy and easy to find. 
Ink Storage
Behind the paint I have some of my inks.  All the Distress Inks are labeled and put into this plastic spinner.  Clipped to the sides are the sample sheets...perfect for matching up the right color.  The top holds alcohol inks and patinas.  On a little shelf to the right of this I have my Distress markers. And next to that are my Archival Inks, displayed in an upcycled wine box.  Other less used inks, are stored on a small vertical shelving unit on a counter top across from this area.
I have distress ink applicators for each color (a tip from Tim Holtz himself) but before that, I had one applicator and just changed out the pads for each color.  I love this little spinning carousel that holds them!  
Next week, I'll share a few more organization tips on storing vinyl and stamps.

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