Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Let's Get Organized--Part 2

Ready to organize your rolls of vinyl and/or stamps? 
Here's how I keep those supplies organized and easy to find in my studio.  
Maybe you will find this info useful for your own crafty organization!
In the photo above, you'll see my hanging system for storing vinyl.  I bought the clothes bar from Ikea.  To the left I have the mats hanging up with clip style hangers.  The vinyl is stored on Swing Arm Pants Hangers.  I store by color and type. 
Below the hanging vinyl I have a wine storage rack that holds specialty vinyl. 
Next is stamp storage.  I've tried several systems with my wood block stamps and finally settled on breaking up all the Stampin' Up sets and storing them by themes...all the Christmas in one plastic box, all the Easter in another, etc.  I bought a large plastic silverware/utensil holder to store all my sentiment stamps.  I can put everything, including stamp blocks, in a bottom drawer in the studio. 
On the counter above the wooden stamp storage, I have these plastic drawer systems holding all of my clear stamps.  Stamps are again sorted by type:  alphas, birthday, Christmas, etc.  Because clear stamps have a habit of falling off (and getting lost), I like being able to pull the drawer out and take it to my work station.   If a stamp does fall off of it's plastic, I can find it in the drawer.
Here's a tip for keeping clear stamps sticky:  mix up one part of Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over  with one part water.  Brush on the back of your stamp and let dry.  Perfect adhesion!!  
I mix up a small batch and store it in a little plastic container.  Can you find it in the picture above?
I hope these tips on organization helped make your crafting a bit less messy!
Next week we'll finish up with some organizational hints for your paper, ribbon and embellishments.

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