Thursday, June 15, 2017

Project: Canvas Signs

What's hot in home decorating?  Farmhouse Style!
Why not use some of the awesome vintage farm animal images available online to put together some farm style artwork?  It's quick and easy when you use printable canvas.  

Here's how I made these sweet little signs:
  Find some vintage images you like.  I found many of mine over at The Graphics Fairy.
Use software such as PhotoShop Elements to make your images the size you want.
Use a sheet of Silhouette Printable Canvas and print out your graphics onto it using a laser printer. 
Cut out the printed images to the size desired.  I had a pile of small wood pieces that I used to make my signs.  I cut my canvas down to fit those.  Next, color your images.  I used several methods and the two that I liked best were using watercolor pencils and acrylic paint.
Once the image was dry after coloring, I peeled off the backing and applied the canvas to the wood piece.  If I had any over lapping canvas, I used a craft knife to trim it away from the wood.   
I finished off the signs by drilling holes and adding wire for hanging. 
On some of the signs I stamped on wording.