Monday, May 15, 2017

Let's Get Organized--Part 3

In the last of my "Let's Get Organized" series, I'm going to show you how I store my papers, embellishments and ribbon.  Shown above is my 12 x 12 paper storage system, which I bought years ago from Sam's Club.  I sort by color.  Decorative papers are on the top in each drawer, solids below.  Above the cart I have plastic containers for specialty papers (Christmas, Halloween, etc).  I'll also admit that I have about 15 pads of paper simply stored on top of rolling carts.  In addition, I have an accordion folder full of coordinating papers.  These came that way so I left them!  
 Small 6 x 6 pads are stored in a fabric shoe bin.  My 8.5 x 11 paper is stored in plastic containers, except for white, black and kraft.  Those are in an office stacking letter tray, right on top of the counter and ready to use.  You'll notice that I use my label maker on everything.   
I also have a system for storing my scraps, which I've written about before.  You can see it Here.
 Right in front of my paper work station is this wonderful round embellishment holder.  My sister bought this for me as a gift and I filled it right up.  She got it from Hobby Lobby and I was able to buy additional clips.  I organize by theme, holiday and letters/numbers.
I also store tags, eyelets, and other embellishments in plastic  trays in a middle cabinet drawer.  They are sorted and stored all together for easy access.
This side of the studio has a lot going on!  Dominating the wall is my ribbon holder.  I made this myself, using four laminated shelving pieces.  I screwed them into a box and hung on the wall.  Tension curtain rods hold a majority of my ribbon.  I really should make another one but I've since hung a lot more stuff on the wall, so there's no more room!  The rest of my ribbon is stored below in plastic shoe bins.  The covered bin on the bottom shelf of my ribbon holder holds all my scrap pieces.  I never waste a piece of ribbon!  lol.  Below the holder are stacking washi tape holders that I got from Michaels.  I love that each row has a strip of metal "teeth" that help you tear the tape.  To the right of that are my Stickles holders...made for me by by Dad.  These store the glitter glue upside down so that they are always ready to use.
I hope you've enjoyed the "highlights" of my studio storage solutions.  I'm always looking to organize better as I firmly believe that it makes creating so much easier and stress free.
Here's a couple of photos of my studio...
You'll notice that I like bright colors on my walls and bulldogs for my decorations!

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