Monday, September 11, 2017

Vintage Style Jacks on a Stick

Here's a quick and easy project just in time for Halloween decorating! 
I found these cute little paper mache Jack 'O Lanterns at JoAnn Fabric.  I had 12-inch thin dowels on hand so I decided to create vintage style "Jacks on a Stick".  Follow these instructions and make some of your own. 
First paint your Jacks with orange acrylic paint.  Use brown paint on the stem.  Paint the dowel black and let everything dry well.  I added an antiquing stain on my Jacks but you could leave them plain orange if you wish.   I used yellow paint to add stripes to the dowel.  Varnish or leave unfinished, depending on the look you want.
Use a drill to add a hole to the bottom center.  Make sure it fits the dowel snuggly.  
Using hot glue, insert the dowel into the Jack and glue in place.
Add embellishments!  I added rusty wire to the stem,  tied burlap and ribbon to the dowel and added a distressed kraft tag.  Make a bunch and add to a floral arrangement, stick into a wreath or display a grouping in a container.  So fun!!