Sunday, January 27, 2019

Back to Posting!

Sorry that I haven't kept up the blog over the past year.  Some family issues contributed to this as well as just being extremely busy designing, creating, selling, teaching and living life.
I plan on getting back on here soon with some new projects for you.
Until then (and even after), I hope that you will follow me on Facebook.  I post almost daily there.
  Or check out my newest endeavor.... 
If you live in northern Michigan and are interested in a fun time with friends painting, please check out the Facebook page for Creative Paint Party.  I have classes scheduled in Gaylord, Michigan (check out the EVENTS page for days/times).   I am also completely mobile so I can bring the party to you!  Check out the PHOTOS page.  There you'll find albums with info on booking, designs to choose from and party pics!

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