Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hand Painted Lace Ornaments

One type of ornament I love to paint are the stroke work lace ones.  Many years ago I took a class from Patricia Rawlinson at convention and learned to do these.  Some are her design, some are my design and most are a blend of both!  If you are interested in learning to paint these, I highly recommend getting one of her instructional videos.  She has lots of tips on type of brush to use, etc.  Here's a LINK.

The painted blue, purple, red and gold round bulbs are available HERE.
These blue and white Czech Republic blown glass ornaments came from Patricia Rawlinson many years ago.  I don't know if she still carries them....they are very delicate.
The painted Czech bulbs are available for sale HERE.
These are some bulbs I painted using the Martha Stewart Crafts line of glass paint.  I really liked the "Frost Translucent" paint in this line. Very nice coverage!  The line work is done "Pearl Opaque" and is an adaption of a design by Debra Mills.  You can see my complete review of this paint on this blog POST.
The painted bulb set is available HERE.

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