Monday, February 15, 2016

Fun & Funky Ice Resin Jewelry

A few more ice resin pieces.  These were done using the rectangular hobnob bezels, which I think are one of my favorites.  Great size and the resin nicely domes with just two pours.  
I love to use vintage photo copies.  This one was printed on my ink jet printer.  I've tried many ways to keep the paper from getting transparent with the addition of the IR.  The one method that works every time for me is the packing tape method.  I cover both sides of my image with packing tape and using a bone folder, I make sure that I have a good seal all around the image.  Then I cut out the image leaving a very small tape border around it.  You can't see the tape and I don't have to worry about the image being spoiled after I add the IR.
If you like the piece above, you can purchase it HERE
This piece has several layers.  The bottom most layer is a piece of scrap designer paper.  Over that I glued a piece of IKEA shelf liner.  This is plastic and has a really cool bumpy pattern.  It looked great...until I added the first layer of IR and the bumps all disappeared!  However it did give the paper below it a very interesting effect...kind of like looking through privacy glass.  The next layer was the flowers (which were stickers and I also gave them the packing tape treatment).  I topped the flowers off with colored beads.  The book page sentiment was distressed and taped.  The little flower charm is from Vintaj.  I used Patinas to color it black and silver.
If you'd like this piece for yourself, you can purchase it HERE.

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