Thursday, April 28, 2016

Everywhere A Chick Chick

This is the last of the the roosters I painted on three separate surfaces:  tray, clipboard and now a chair.  As I mentioned before, this design is by Andy Jones and was originally to be painted on a pillow using fabric paints.  I kept the size of the design the same but I converted to acrylic paint.
For the chair back, I first stenciled on the same chicken wire design I used on the rooster Tray. I created this typography which I painted over the stenciled design. 
Once again I used black with the chicken wire stencil all around the rooster. 
Three coats of poly acrylic and he's ready to be sold at this weekend's antique/vintage Davisburg Antique and Vintage Show.  You'll find me in The Poultry House (How appropriate!), space 19.  Hope to see you there!

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