Wednesday, April 27, 2016

There a Chick Chick

Here's another rooster that I painted on a mini clipboard.  To see the same design (by Andy Jones) painted on a tray, please check out Monday's post.  This rooster is the same size as the one on the tray.  For this I added black vertically over and below the design. 
Because the scale of the piece is smaller, instead of the chicken wire stencil, I instead used a rubber stamp to add the faux chicken wire.  (A very versatile stamp that can also be used as a honey comb!)  I just loaded it with the same background paint as I used in the design and lightly stamped here and there on both the front and back.  If you use paint on your rubber stamps,be SURE to wash the paint off as soon as you're done stamping. 
To finish up the clipboard, I added strips of red checked gingham to the clip handle.  I also painted and distressed a kraft tag to put under the clip.
Three coats of poly acrylic and he's ready to be sold at this weekend's antique/vintage Davisburg Antique and Vintage Show.  You'll find me in The Poultry House (How appropriate!), space 19.  Hope to see you there!

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