Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Domino Ornament Experiments

I'm always looking for ways to do something better, faster and different.  Featured today is this year's version of my domino ornaments. (For more info, do a search on this blog.  I have complete instructions and many, many samples).  I tried a few new things on these.  Some worked, some didn't.  As a "Type A" artist, I have a hard time with fails.  But that is the nature of this beast called "art".  I have to work on giving myself the latitude to mess things up.  So my advice to me and you is BE BRAVE!  Let's take a closer look....
The one change I made that worked great was how I added the beads around the ornament.  Previously I would glue each individual bead to the dominoes.  This time I strung the beads on wire and then wired the string to the metal grid background.   
Another thing that worked well was a new top finish coat.  Instead of Glossy Accents, I used Ice Resin.  It was an extra step but well worth it as the top coat turned out so nice.
And now a few fails. Did you notice that some of the coloring bled?  I found that while Ice Resin gave a lovely top coat, it also caused my permanent markers to run.  Next time, I'll try spray sealing before I put on the IR.  
Finally, this fail was trying to fix the sentiment that I didn't stamp properly.  I should have left it the way it was!  Sometimes the fix is worse than the fail!

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