Saturday, December 3, 2016

More Seasonal Signs

Can you tell that painted signs are super popular?  And I'm sure you can tell that I don't like to make the same ones over and over again.  Here's one of the latest batches of signs that I've hand painted and taken to craft shows.  The Winter Wonderland signs were hand painted from an SVG file design  I sanded them to distress. 
 I change up the look of the sign depending on the size and shape of the wood I'm painting it on.
 Merry & Bright was also hand painted using a SVG file design.  
I added a heavy dose of snow (flyspecking) to this sign.  To get the look, I use an old toothbrush and watered down paint.  Simply flick the bristles of your toothbrush with your thumb and spray the sign with specks.  The more watery the paint, the lighter/smaller the specks.  Make sure to do this in a box!
 The sign above is my own design.  I fly specked this but then also added small dots of Stickles (glitter) in the center of the stars for extra sparkle.
This design was hand painted using a SVG file.  I heavily distressed this one, sanding off a lot of paint in the corners.
Today I'll be selling these signs in Boyne City, Michigan!

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